Directions 2017

Four channel video/audio installation.

An installation of four videos on four monitors or projectors. Each video has its
own audio track playing from a speaker below the monitor/projection.

The videos are made while walking. They are shot downwards, at the ground
just in front of the walker

The camera is always pointed north, which means that each time the walker
changes directions it is seen on the monitor as the earth streaming by in a different
direction. As a result, all four videos simultaneously show a movement of the
ground, but each one in a different place and in a randomly changing direction.

The videos are temporally adjusted so all four walk in rhythm. The camera also
moves up and down with the movements of the walker, and thereby creates a
visual rhythm connected to the sounds of the footsteps from the speakers.

All four videos are synchronised and form a common rhythm throughout the
whole installation.

The recordings are made in different kinds of urban and rural landscapes.
The sounds of the footsteps on different types of material create a broad soundscape
of mundane percussion.

The production was supported by The Danish Arts Foundation

Installation of Directions in Kyoto Art Center, 2017
Installation of Directions in Akureyri Art Museum , Iceland, 2019