Twelve channel video and audio installation

Twelve monitors and small speakers are installed at floor level in two rows, either
on the walls of a narrow room, or standing on the floor.

The recordings were made on the floor/earth, in different places, and show a part
of the wall and floor. A right foot steps into the image on the first screen on the
right, and then walks through. Then another foot, a left one, appears in the next
screen on the opposite wall and goes through. Then a right foot in the next one
on the right wall, and so on through the room, resulting in an uninterrupted walk,
where all the feet and all the places are different but form a whole.
The feet appear just about life-size.

The sounds of the footsteps are different according to the type of shoe, the walkers
character, ground/floor material etc, so a short melody is created. The walk is
repeated from the other direction, featuring different shoes and places. The walks
play at half minute intervals.

The production was supportd by the Icelandic Visual Arts Fund

Installation view, Akureyri Art Museum 2019
Footwalk, Bærum Kunsthall 2022