A video and sound installation on 8 projectors and 8 speakers. 2015                              

Hafnarborg Culture Centre, Hafnarfjördur, Iceland, and MACMO, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Montevideo, Fundacion Union, Uruguay.                                                                         

The work consists of 8 synchronised videos, each with its own soundtrack.  Each video shows an event, that in one way or another produces a rhythm.  A walking person, a carpenter hammering, a finger tapping on a table, a gate in the wind, etc. Each rhythm has its natural pace, but in the videos their speed is manipulated to make them all beat simultaneously. Thus they provide a common, continuous rhythm filling the whole exhibition room with a strong beat composed of very different kinds of sounds.

In the beginning the rhythm is slow, which means that it fits to the original rhythm of the slowest of the events. This obviously causes the other rhythms to be too slow. In 30 second steps, the overall pace changes, and gets a little faster each time.  Another event then gets its original rhythm while the first becomes too fast.

Each of the 8 events has its correct speed at some time during the playing of the video.  After 4 minutes, the speed has become quite high, to fit the beat of a fishing boat’s engine. The pace now gets slower and slower, until it reaches the beginning tempo again.

The speakers are installed directly under each projection screen. In the middle of the room the sounds all blend together to form a whole, ever changing soundscape, but in front of each image its own sound can be distinguished.

The production was supported by The Danish Arts Foundation.                                                     



Largo Presto, Hafnarborg Art Centre, Hafnarfjördur, Iceland