Science of Work, Arbejdsvidenskab, Vinnuvísindi

Eight channel video and audio installation, 2018

A site specific installation made for Pirpa exhibition space in Copenhagen which is situated in an old vegetable market, now being developed to become a residential area.

The installation takes the work going on as its point of departure. This includes the tearing down and building up with big machines, as well as the normal everyday work of those businesses still functioning in the area. This includes the making of cider, the running of a second hand shop, and the birds’ everlasting work of making their living.

All the work recorded includes a visible and audible rhythm, either fast or slow.
Each rhythm has its natural pace, but in the videos their speed is manipulated to make them all beat simultaneously. Thus they provide a common, continuous rhythm filling the whole exhibition space.
In the beginning the rhythm is slow, which means that it fits to the original rhythm of the slowest of the events. This obviously causes the other rhythms to be too slow. In 30 second steps, the overall pace changes, and gets a little faster each time. Another event then gets its original rhythm while the first becomes too fast.

Each of the 8 events has its correct speed at some time during the playing of the video.

There are 6 videos, each with their own sound track, plus two objects found in the area, into which speakers have been built. A table with the sound of a bulldozer, and a stand with the sound of seagulls. The objects are placed outside the exhibition space, which opens up to a roofed porch. They thus give the exhibition a strong connection to the work going on outside.

The videos are presented on monitors standing on shelves that double as loudspeakers.

The production was supported by The Danish Arts Foundation