Drawings on various materials, 2020-2021

The process starts with a short video that is made on a mobile phone, or in some instances found online. The videos mostly show mundane actions and movements. They are then imported into a computer where a drawing app makes it possible to follow accurately a selected point in the image, so a line is created. Sometimes the result is one line, sometimes more. As an example we can take the drawing Tango, where points were chosen on the shoes of people dancing on a street in Uruguay. The points are followed throughout the video, and the black shoes of the male dancer and the pink shoes of the lady create lines on a plywood plate.

Another example is a drawing where the nose of an epidemologist talking about Covid 19 on the television is followed through the video, making a drawing.

The drawings are transferred to plates using a projector, and the lines are drawn, painted, routed or burned on the material.

The plates are leftovers from building material shops, or found in containers. The lines produce a kind of map of the movement on the landscape of the plate.

Tracks, Arnesinga Art Museum 2021
Tango, acrylic on plywood 2020

Epidemologist’s speach, acrylic and routing on melamine fibreboard 2020

Swan – Beak and Tail, acrylic on waterproof plywood 2020
Ants, pyrography and varnish on mdf 2020
Phone Call, graphite on gluelam wood, 2020